Here is the UnFiltered MWWord HTML Code matching the text that is shown above and the filtered HTML above that. You will see that the paragraph tags are exactly the same in both filtered and unfiltered HTML. The HTML that is removed when filtered is the beginning junk. That shouldn't affect individual paragraphs that have the exact same paragraph tags.

There is a strange <span> statement is added that isn't in the filtered (shown in red box). However, two other paragraphs that have leading quotes (" shown in circles), which are turned into block paragraphs by Meatgrinder, that don't have that span statement. Additionally, the anomalous span statement doesn't turn up again until 28 paragraphs later.

{'mso-spacerun: yes' occurs where I inadvertently left a leading space at the beginning of a paragraph. You can see the added space in front of "Can I fix you..." in the filtered that the span statement adds in the unfiltered.}