C. M. Lance

An Aerospace Engineer, Accountant, Product Manager, Operations Director, Sales Executive and Writer in that approximate chronological order.

I've always enjoyed writing, even though my early writings were mostly Product Specifications, Sales Proposals and Departmental Budgets.  Most readers assumed they were fictional.

My gorgeous Interior Designer wife and I have three grown children; a dressage trainer in Chicago, a country western upright-bass player/chef in Austin, TX and a fashion designer/rock guitar player In New York. We also have one antique (16 years) dog, which is down from our peak of three dogs, three cats and ten fish.

I'm an avid bicycle rider, an oenophile (non-simultaneously), and moderately geeky. My wife refers to me as her alpha-geek. I've been building and repairing computers for our family and friends for years. And now I format my and other authors' books for publishing, and I design book covers. Some of the covers are shown below.

Bicycle riding provided the time to write Caribbean Layoff when a bicycling accident (wine was not involved) resulted in a bit of down time after a hip replacement. I was back on the bike in less than two months after I got my shiny new titanium femur ball. Caribbean Layoff didn't fare so well. It went into the pile deserved by all first novels. I finally revisited it and it is available on Amazon.

A few years ago, after a vacation in Italy, I decided to take Italian lessons at the local JC. After two years of study, I proved that I have no ear for languages. I read Italian much better than I speak or understand it. We went back to Italy for a few weeks so I could practice. For some reason, most people replied to my Italian in English. The shift to English was probably their response to my deer-in-the-headlights stare reaction to their Italian language replies; that, or my Italian in a Texas accent... Buon giorno, y'all.

BWS Sword


I also do cover design. Below are a few of the covers I've put together for other artists.

Jazz Town   French Blue  Sally  Orpan Train
Genghis Kindle   414 Pine   Last Roadshow

And of course I did all four covers of the books shown on the Home page,

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