Helensburgh Tunnel

New South Wales, Australia

Wizard Express

The Wizard Express is an inter-dimensional mode of travel that allows the cognoscenti (those in the know) to travel long distances on earth quickly. It is accomplished by going into a dimension that has connections to multiple places on Earth.

An example may serve. To travel from San Francisco, CA to Charleston, SC one can go by automobile which is approximately 2,700 miles and will take 40 hours, or by plane it is almost 8 hours. However, by Wizard Express there is a dimension with a portal in San Francisco  and another portal in Charleston. In that dimension those two portals are only a few miles apart, and - the good news - that trip isn't through boiling lava. It is a primitive dimension, but with care and caution, the two miles can be walked in less than a half-hour. So, in one portal in SF and out the other in Charleston in less than an hour as opposed to an 8 hour plane ride.

Wizards have been searching for and mapping dimensional gateways or portals for millennia. Grimoires have been written to record their discoveries. They outline locations, incantations required, and as importantly, the characteristics of the other dimension. For example it would be noted that a portal into a volcanic magma pit should be avoided.

The Wizard Express is used twice in Dragon Sword. The second time the team departs from abandoned tunnels in the Chicago underground and travels to an abandoned train  tunnel in New South Wales near the Helensburgh station. The tunnel entrance is shown here and a closer view is at the top of this page.

From Helensburgh they transit through a dimension which lands them at the abandoned Canfranc railway terminal in the Alps.

Canfranc Railway Station (abandoned)

It is at the Canfranc station where they surprise a band of Harpies, which turns out unpleasantly for both sides.

Sometimes the Wizard Express is simple as when Sig, Grampa Thor, and Professor Herman traveled from Chicago, leaving from a cemetary to arrive in a manor house in England not far from Stonehenge.



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