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Caribbean Layoff

Award Winning

Caribbean Layoff

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Steve and Jen Henning have both been laid off in the great recession of the early 21st century. Their marriage is falling apart. They're burning through savings and face foreclosure on a house worth little more than they paid for it years ago.

On the way home from a martial arts tournament, Steve witnesses a single-vehicle wreck on a lonely Kansas highway, and stops to render aid. The driver is dead. The van is full of drugs and cash. Steve takes the money.

He thinks it's the perfect crime. No witnesses. No fingerprints. No sign the cash was ever there. Steve and Jen come together in a plot to move the stolen funds to a Caribbean tax haven.

But, the cartel wants its money back, and sends a DEA investigator on the cartel payroll and two of its enforcers to track the theft.

Perhaps it's not the perfect crime.


Caribbean Layoff was a finalist in the IPNE Writing Contest.


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