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Wizard's Sword
Book Two in The Battle Wizard Saga

(For those who purchased Wizard Dawning prior to 9/2013, this is the last part of that original book. Paradoxically, the new Wizard Dawning is the significantly expanded first part of the book. So, if you want new, try Wizard Dawning. You'll like the price.)


The Dark Mage hunting Sig caused Grampa Thor to lapse into a coma. They left the farm to go to Chicago, hoping that the university hospital can find a cure for Grampa and so Sig can study the Physics of Magic at the university under Professor Herman, Archmage, Phd.

Sig needs to find his powers before the Dark Mage finds him again.

While formidable, his physical skills won't be enough. He knows that Rick, his werewolf friend will stand by his side, and he prepares for combat by training with an Amazon tribe, while he searches for his magic.


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